Magento 2 extension to hide price or add to cart button

This blogpost provides a free magento 2 extension to hide price and addtocart button on category page, product page, wish list page and compare page. We have a different features in this extension:-

  • Hide price
  • Hide add to cart button
  • Show price for certain customer Id
  • Show price for certain product Id
  • Enable hide price for selected customer group
  • Allow you to add custom Html from backend to replace add to cart button
  • Allow you to add custom css for replaced add to cart

Extension Configuration page Admin Screen

Hide Price on Compare Page

Hide Price on Category page

Hide Price on Product Page

Hide Price on Wishlist Page

Versions: I’ve tested the module with the version 2.2.2

Click here to download the module

Let me know if you found any issue or have any query.


  1. Hey,
    I was using your module in Magento 2 extension, found few issues:
    – Removing the layered navigation from the category page.
    – Not working for guest users.

    • Hi Subhra,

      I have updated the module by fixing the layered navigation issue. And module works fine for guest user, please let me know with scenario or screenshots what is the exact issue

    • Just place the extension inside app/code folder. So u must be getting the directory as app/code/w3solver/callforprice.
      After placing the folder go to command prompt and reach to your magento directory after that execute following command:-
      php bin\magento setup:upgrade
      php bin\magento setup:static-content:deploy
      php bin\magento cache:clean

      If you follow above steps correctly you will get the extension installed.


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