Comparison: WordPress Vs. Joomla Vs. Magento

WordPress Vs. Joomla Vs. Magento

Coding? Not your cup of tea.

Coders are great, they develop websites, applications, etc. for businesses but not everyone is that gifted. What does this mean? As a business owner, you cannot manage your website if you are not a coder. 😲

No, this is not true! You can do that.

You might be wondering “how?”
Content Management System (CMS) is the answer. The platform that allows you to change the website content without changing the code.

Isn’t it amazing? You might be thinking “For which CMS platform you should go?”
At present, the three most popular CMS platforms are WordPress, Joomla, and Magento. All the three come with a bucket full of features, high-end functionalities, and easy-to-use interfaces. All-in-all, all are good and free.
Which one to pick? 🤔. Let me make this task easy for you.

Here in this blog, I am sharing a comparative analysis between the three CMS platforms, i.e., WordPress, Joomla, and Magento. Analyse the features carefully and decide which one will fit your business requirements. I hope that after reading this blog, readers will get some useful insights about all these content management platforms.

I would also like to mention here that I am not recommending any one CMS above other, for me all are good.

So, tighten your seat belts and get ready to take off with me in this comprehensive comparison journey.
Let’s fly high:


Made an appearance in the year 2003!
Want to do blogging? WordPress is here! It is a father of all blogging platforms.

  • Highly-functional, huge plugin library, flexible, and of course are free of cost.
  • What stats say – more than 76 million websites worldwide are trusting WordPress. Yeah! That’s cool.
  • Major players using WordPress – Disney, Facebook Newsroom, Sony Music and more!
  • If you have to start a simple blogging website, WordPress is the right fit for you.


Made an appearance in the year 2005!

  • From personal blogs to massive web content, Joomla never fails to meet the business needs.
  • Powerful, secure, flexible and free.
  • What stats say – more than 2.83 million websites worldwide are using Joomla.
  • A good choice indeed!
  • Major players using Joomla – Linux, MTV Greece, Holiday Inn and more!

If you want to grow your business website with advanced features and customization, choose Joomla.


Made an appearance in the year 2008!
Planning to start an e-commerce website? Look no further than Magento.
Easy-to-integrate, a lot of features, highly-customized and free.

  • What stats say – more than 519154 websites are using Magento.
  • Major players using Magento – Ford, Harvey Norman, Land Rover and more!
  • If you are planning to start an e-commerce website, pick Magento.

So, this is a brief idea about the three platforms.

Let us talk about few Pros and Cons of these platforms.




·         Easy-to-use interface
·         Highly flexible
·         Easy Customization
·         Huge plugin library
·         Robust content handling capabilities
·         Friendly interface
·         Strong developer community
·         Mobile responsive
·         Robust security
·         Good SEO capabilities
Cons: ·         Limited security
·         Few design options
·         Partial content handling capabilities
·         Few SEO capabilities
·         Plugin compatibility issues
·         Slow loading time
·         Customization issues

Choice Is Yours!

I have discussed few pros and cons of all the three platforms. Now, the choice is yours. Nobody knows your business more than you do, so analyze your business requirements carefully and decide which one will fit best.

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I would love to hear from you. Share with me which CMS platform you are using.
Don’t forget to post a comment and tell me how you like this blog.
Have a good day!

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