6 Biggest Drupal Mistakes

Drupal is a open source CMS. It is famous world wide. Although Drupal is very famous and used by famous companies but Drupal developer do these mistakes while developing web application:

Too much custom coding

The fire has already being invented. No need to invent it again. We just need to use fire in our daily work. Same way drupal has more then 20500 contributed modules so every thing that you need is already developed just need to find it and integrate it with your application.

  • Say No to custom module because it is difficult ti maintain.

  • Say Yes to Contrib modules because it is already tested and voted by many users and developers.


It has been observed that drupalers doesn’t care about security. That lead a attacked on the application. There are various modules available to implement security and when you use custom coding use drupal standers to avoid any attack on the application.


It is a vital part of the application. There are multiple tool available to analysis. Common approaches to Optimize your application.

Infrastructure for the web application:

Best practice for your web application to include caching layers like varnish and Memcached to the application. It helps to improve the application response time and provide a great user experience.

Life cycle of a web application

It includes the best practice throughout the life of application. It includes development , deployment and maintenance phase. It has been observed that most of the developers don’t use any repository like Git or SVN to maintain the version of code. Ideally it should be used.

SEO Friendly

Last but the not list is SEO friendly. There are multiple modules available in drupal for SEO. We should use those modules in our web application.

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