Magento 2 Practice Test

Magento 2 Quiz Sheet 1
Magento 2 Quiz Sheet 2

Magento 2 In Depth

Magento 2 Solid Principle
Magento 2 Request Flow
Magento 2 Routing
Debugging and Customization of Mini Cart
All about error reports
Magento 2 Event Cheat Sheet
Magento 2 Design Pattern
Magento 2 some important coding practice for developers

Magento 2 module development Series

Magento 2 – Helloworld – Module Development Part 1
Magento 2 – Helloworld – Module Development – Layout/Block
Magento 2- Helloworld – Add new table and access using model
Magento 2- Helloworld – How to Join Tables in Magento 2
Magento 2 – HelloWorld – Create Event and Observer
Magento 2 Guide To Create Custom Api

Useful Magento Sniplet

Magento 2 place order without a email address

Magento 2 – Address verification using USPS Api on checkout
Magento 2.2 add custom product tab with custom template on product edit page
Magento 2 add custom filter to grid for date (dropdown with value as today, lastweek)
Magento 2 add complex (aggregate sql function) collection query for grid

Magento 2 UI Component simplest way to show only time for date column
Magento 2 some quick tips and code
Magento 2 add admin user Programatically
Magento 2 add shipping price in condition on cart price rule
Magento 2 Add product attribute group and attribute programmatically
Magento 2 upload custom image attribute for customer registration page
Magento 2 update Mime type or image data for customer or product using REST API
Magento 2 Complete Guide to add a product programmatically
Magento2 Add/Create and Get custom customer attribute value
Magento 2 Programatically Change Category Attribute For All Store View
Magento2 Service Temporarily Unavailable issue
Magento 1 Add External Url To Menu Admin
Magento 1 Auto Shipping According To Lowest Price
Magento 2 Show Color Swatch On Product Compare Page
Code To Show Different Mode List Or Grid For Different Category
Magento 2 Add Custom Tab To Customer Edit Page In Admin Panel
Magento 2 Add A Grid To Custom Tab
Magento 2 Add Url To Column And Button
Code To Show Different Mode List Or Grid For Different Category
Magento 2 Send Email
Magento 2 Send PDF
Magento 2 show different number of product for every category page
Magento 2 different ways to reset admin user password

Magento 2 Extension

Magento 2 QRCode generator extension
Magento 2 extension to hide price or add to cart button
Custom Api Module to check if shipment and payment methods are active

Magento 2 core fixes

Magento 2 track order issue (track order link not working when an order has more than one shipment)

Magento 2 command line Usage

Magento 2 Enable, Disable, Clean, Flush Cache Using CLI

Interview Question

Star Pattern Program
PHP Series Program
Magento Interview Question Part-1
Magento Interview Question Part-2
Magento Interview Question Part-3
OOPS based interview question in PHP

Basics of Software Testing

Software Testing-Overview
Unit Testing
Integration Testing
Acceptance Testing

Useful PHP Sniplet

Integrate Amazon Rekongition service With PHP
How to configure Varnish cache on SSL
Xls or Excel to XML conversion using PHP
CSV to XML Conversion using PHP
Xls or Excel to JSON conversion using PHP
CSV to JSON Conversion using PHP
PHP – Verify ZipCode using USPS service

Drupal Code Sniplet

Field template in Drupal
How to create sub tab in Drupal 7
6 Biggest Drupal mistake

Tool integration

Configure Code Sniffer With Netbeans (MEQP2 OR Magento 2 standard)